Solar: Man of the Atom jam piece with Dané Shobe

On Friday, 07 January 2022, my friend Dané Shobe said to me, “I wonder what my inks would look like over your pencils?” And so, we did up a quick thing together to find out.

I penciled this up (well, “penciled,” by sketching it in Photoshop), Dané threw on some inks (using Procreate), and I slapped some quick colors on it (again in Photoshop).

And now we did a thing together.

I chose Solar because we could just do a thing where it’s a guy in a simple outfit, without having to worry too much about costume details. I figured, why make this any more complicated than it has to be? Of course, it turned out that Dané had no idea who the character WAS, so… oops.

I rather like it. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Solar: Man of the Atom was created as Doctor Solar Man of the Atom, by Paul S. Newman, Matt Murphy, and Bob Fujitani. I’m not 100% sure who owns the copyright or trademark for this character, currently.

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