1970s Cyclops Marvel Legends custom toy

When Hasbro announced the Retro Marvel Legends X-Men line and included this figure of late-1980s Cyclops, all I could see was potential for custom figures.

The most obvious was Cyke’s outfit that he wore in the 1970s and early 80s. I happened to pick up a copy of Uncanny X-Men #150 back when I was in Jr. High, so I used the cover as reference.

Got myself some paint, the belt from the same line’s Iceman figure, and the alternate head included with the figure, and made this:

Hasbro actually already did a version of this figure, but it was in a Toys R Us 2-pack with Dark Phoenix that more sells for over $200 on the secondary market. So I figured $20 and some paint would be a little cheaper and easier.

The only unfortunate thing is the 70s outfit didn’t have cuffed gloves, but whatever. This is close enough for me.

Here’s a work-in-progress photo:

Cyclops, X-Men, and all related characters are owned by Marvel Comics, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney corporation.

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