Sonic the Hedgehog Doodles 2017

Back in 2017, when it was announced that Archie was losing the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book license from Sega, and IDW Publishing was picking it up, I thought that maybe I should try and do some character sketches in case there would ever be the possibility of me auditioning to do art duties on the title — Brandon and I were finishing up New Hawk & Croc at the time, and I figured I may as well look into paying comics work, right?

Anyways, IDW quickly announced that the same folks who had been doing the Archie-era Sonic comics would be working on the new comics, so those potential dreams were quickly — heh — dashed.

Uh, those IDW comics ended up being pretty great, by the way. I very much recommend picking up the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW Collection and checking them out; That includes the first 12 issues of the comic all collected in one fancy hardcover. And! Volume 2 is scheduled to come out in March.

Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters and products are produced by or under license from Sega Enterprises, LTD.

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