Robot Heroes Stepper Custom Toy

I’ve talked about Stepper in the past, specifically in regards to his ReAction figure by Super7. But this little cutie is part of Hasbro’s Robot Heroes sub-line of Transformers from 2007. Like the actual Stepper, it’s a repaint of Robot Heroes Jazz.

Of course, the irony is, shortly after I painted this guy, Hasbro announced the new wave of Robot Heroes would include Stepper in 2008 (under his U.S.-based name, “Ricochet”). Theirs ended up being cleaner than mine (remember, these guys are less than two inches tall, so any imperfections seem magnified), but didn’t include the metallic paint for the blues. And while their hood logo ended up being cleaner than mine, mine is actually more accurate to the original Stepper toy. So whatever!

Anyways, I wish the Robot Heroes line had continued. It was a lot of fun.

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