Iron Spider Marker Doodle 2017

I was at an artist hang-out-and-draw event at Samurai Comics in Phoenix, in 2017. I think I just used whatever I had in my backpack that day for this, but one of the other artists let me borrow some of their colored markers so that I could spruce this up.

For those who don’t remember, the “Iron Spider” costume was an outfit created by Tony Stark for Spider-Man, in the mid-2000s. Marvel comics ended up using this outfit for a handful of other characters in the subsequent years –even Mary Jane ended up wearing it for a while! In fact, I presume that Spidey’s costume from Avengers: Infinity War (and other films) was a cross between this outfit and the Ben Reilly 1996 Sensational Spider-Man costume.

Anyways, this was from a fun night of laughing and joking around with some other comic and video game nerds, and even if it’s not the best thing I’ve ever drawn, it’ll always hold a special place because of when it was done.

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