Friendly’s Friday

While I live just outside of Phoenix, I spent my childhood in the Boston area, and I try to go back and visit relatives whenever I get the chance. I was lucky enough to get to go back for the Thanksgiving 2021 holiday and stay with my cousin and her family. She was an excellent hostess, to the point where I actually felt kinda bad at how far out of her way she was going for me.

That said, at lunchtime on Black Friday, we made a stop in to Friendly’s, a North Eastern United States ice cream parlor. I’m 99% sure I hadn’t been to a Friendly’s since the 1990s, so this was a wonderfully welcome addition to my trip.

Plus, since I already have a feature on the website called “Friendly Fridays,” the slight alteration for the post name was too easy to pass up.

I took this photo as we were leaving, and then waited a week to post because I didn’t want everybody to know where I was. Heh.

Also, for anybody concerned, I took two COVID tests since getting back to Phoenix, and my results were still negative. Hooray for vaccinations working the way they’re supposed to!

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