Ink Drawing Challenge 2021 Day 2: Roy “Bully” Koopa

The Koopalings (or, Koopa Kids) actually weren’t named when they debuted in the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 3. But that wouldn’t stand in the US — So Nintendo of America gave all 7 Koopalings named based on famous musicians (like Roy “Don’t Call Me Orbison” Koopa here).

But because DiC Entertainment was already in development for The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon series, they came up with their own set of names for the Koopa Kids, based on their personalities, not realizing Nintendo of America was doing the same. So Roy became “Bully Koopa” in the cartoon, and spoke in a thick Brooklyn accent.

And I think that was so dumb, that even though his name is 100% officially “Roy,” when I use him in Mario Kart, I’ll occasionally side-check my friends and yell at them, “Yo! I’m BULLY KOOPA!”

…it’s a wonder anyone still plays video games with me.