Unfinished Minotaur 2019

I was doodling this off-and-on between projects at work back in March of 2019, but never got around to finishing it.

One of my coworkers walked past my desk, and saw this. Out of nowhere, he says “Whoa, that looks wicked! I like that he’s all brutal and evil-looking. I wish I could draw, but I was always the kind of kid that, if I got a ten-minute detention, I’d have a tear rolling down my cheek.”

“Hold on,” I say. “… what?”

Somehow, my drawing of a minotaur reminded him of a time that he CRIED because he got a ten-minute detention, way back in school, like, thirty-something years ago.

Was he sad that he couldn’t draw? Did he get detention for being bad at drawing? I don’t think teachers are allowed to do that.

He got called away by one of the managers, so I never found out how that connection was made in his brain. But…what?

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