Friendly Fridays: Hopeful Artist, Slacker

Another recently unearthed treasures.

Waaaay back in either late 1998 or early 1999, at age 16, I did this little doodle of a cartoony guy wiht a ponytail in ballpoint pen. My friend Beth took her pencil and added to the doodle, and included some captions.

You’ve got to remember that in the 1990s, there was some weird obsession with the word “slacker,” especially in regards to Generation X kids. Whether or not I’m part of GenX is up for debate — the cutoff for years between Generation X and Millennials seems to change more often than the weather in New England — But at the time, my friends and I were all pretty sure we were the tail end of Generation X.

And since The Greatest Generation dubbed all of Gen X slackers, much as Baby Boomers have been doing to Millennials over the last decade or so, again, we were pretty sure that we were all going to be slackers.

I ended up becoming a professional artist, and still kinda look like that little cartoon. Maybe that’s why I’ve held on to this for so long?

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