SDCC 2020 Glow in the Dark TMNT ReAction Figures

What with there being a pandemic and all, San Diego Comic Con didn’t happen in either 2020 or 2021 (although there will be a mini SDCC in November 2021, apparently on Thanksgiving weekend, and seemingly nobody is happy about the choice of dates? That’s a debate for a later day that I mostly don’t care about), all of the would-be exclusive products instead ended up in the hands of online retailers. And would you know, it turns out that made many of them much easier to acquire.

For example, today’s treasure was supposed to be released last year at the convention. Instead, they just went to places that would’ve otherwise just gotten a few leftovers. But I was able to just order them from Big Bad Toy Store last week. Sure, they were about 10 bucks more than what they would’ve cost at the convention, but that’s still better than trying to get them from eBay, like, ever (at the time I’m writing this, all the eBay listings are more expensive than BBTS after factoring in shipping and sales tax).

So these showed up last night, and now you get pictures on a Saturday morning!

The box is bigger than my photo area!

And inside was this mutagen canister!

Inside were the Turtles, wrapped in green cellophane and on oozey card back blister packs.


Yeah, like 80 bucks. And considering Super 7 ReAction figures are around $18 a piece, that means they’re only slightly more valueable than the regular turtles figures — So, like, the cost of the glow-in-the-dark chemical treatment the plastic got. And they’re toys. They’re intended to be opened up and enjoyed. Despite being a graphic designer, I’m not buying these things for their packaging (although the TCRI mutagen can is pretty dope, and I’m definitely keeping that as a place to store extra ReAction weapons and accessories).

Besides, now that I’ve opened mine, yours are just that much more valuable. You’re welcome. Get over it.


Other than being glow-in-the-dark and having plastrons (that’s the front part of the shell) the same color as Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pudding Pies, these are identical to the other TMNT ReAction figures by Super7.

But they glow.

In the dark.

And that’s really what we’re all here for, right?

And I’ve already pre-ordered the TMNT Mirage Variant Previews Exclusive through BBTS, so once those ship out later this year, I’ll make a post about those, too.


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