King Starscream ReAction Figure


One of the more memorable moments of 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie was the moment where Decepticon leader Megatron’s power-hungry second-in-command, Starscream, finally got the thing he had been after for two years in the cartoon — To actually become the leader of the Decepticons!

But Starscream wouldn’t be content to just lead. No, he needed the pomp and circumstance of his ascension to be celebrated! He needed everyone to KNOW that he was their new leader. So he adorned his shoulders with some ostentatious pauldrons, a royal purple cloak, and had his underling Astrotrain literally crown him.

It was a pretty great moment, until it ended with Starscream’s death.

Much like the “Fallen Leader” Optimus Prime figures, Super7 saw fit to commemorate this highlight of TFTM in plastic. TECHNICALLY, like most ReAction figures, Starscream has five points of articulation. But his additional accessories actually really hinder his movement. He can’t even strike his dramatic pose seen in the screengrab above.

As I mentioned when I got Dirge, I was surprised that Super7 didn’t just take the Starscream toy and change out his head and legs. I didn’t have ‘Screamer for comparison at the time, but here’s the two next to each other. They’re both very similar, because their original 1980s toys shared most of the same construction, but I really appreciate that Super7 went the extra mile to keep the classic Seeker different from the “conehead.”

They haven’t released any of the other Decepticon Jets (other than a regular Starscream, who’s on my list to get soon), so time will tell what future releases will hold.

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