Marvel Retro 3.75” Electro

It’s my birthday week, so kind friends are buying me gifts. One of my friends and I have a tradition where we get each other something close to what the other would want, but miss the mark just slightly. Something one’s aunt might give you for a gift. “Well Andy likes comics and uses a computer a lot, so I’ll get him this Electro guy.”

Electro first appeared way back in Amazing Spider-Man #9 in 1964. Maxwell Dillon got struck by lightning while working on a power line, and got electrocuted so badly that he got electric powers. He died in 2016, but now there’s a new lady Electro, so Max’s legacy lives on.

I don’t remember my first introduction to Electro, but I definitely know him best as the level 3 boss in Spider-Man on Sega Genesis! I wrote a whole thing on that game. Go read it.

The entire Marvel Retro 3.75” line has pretty limited articulation: Swivel joints at the head, shoulders, gloves, and hips. Everyone has separate boot pieces, but for some reason, Hasbro decided to make the legs plug in to the boots in such a way that they aren’t articulated. I have no idea why.

Electro’s mask seems to be a separate piece from his head, and his eyes are sculpted into the mask bit. It’s a strange solution, but one that probably results in more consistent paint apps for his head than making it all one piece might have accomplished. I also like that the mask, like his glove and boot pieces, is softer plastic. Last thing I want to do is cut my finger on those spines. What an embarrassing injury that would be.


Electro’s paint app is on point, but it’s unfortunate that the yellow paint of his outfit is a different shade than his yellow gloves and boots. Still, I’m glad he’s got his lightning designs down his back. I feel like older toy manufacturers would’ve left that detail off.

My small-but-growing collection of Marvel Retro 3.75” figures

I’m becoming a fan of these smaller figures with less articulation and no real accessories. I just want fun things to pose and put on a shelf, not some engineering miracle. As much as I’ve loved Marvel Legends figures in the past, I’m kinda over their whole thing. But that’s just me! Your mileage may vary. We should be grateful we’ve got options for both, and aren’t all just stuck one way or the other.

Remember that time Electro was on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and his outfit was blue? That was weird.

Anyways, thanks to my friend Chris for getting me Ol’ Mr. Dillon, who I honestly probably would’ve skipped out on, otherwise.