Monday Musings: No More Daily Updates?

So, it’s been a year since I started this daily update thing. It was a way to give me something to do each day during the pandemic either between work projects, or something to do after I was done for the day. And at the start of the year, after six months, I cut the weekend updates. And now, here I am, a full year after this project started.

The intent was to pack the site full of content, so that I didn’t just have up like the 20 most recent things that I did and then abandon it after a week, as I am apt to do sometimes, and then update it with another 20 things like eight months later, lather, rinse, repeat. And I think I accomplished that goal. Some of my updates did very well in terms of views, and others not so much. The 6 Places to Start reading X-Men article I wrote last February, to my surprise, still gets visits every single day. So that’s cool.

But, here’s the thing:

After over FOUR HUNDRED posts in the last year? I’m basically out of content to post.

I mean, there’s still some custom toys that I need to take new photos of and post, and I could make more wrestling posters out of the art for the upcoming Raw Deal: Indy Card game that’s coming out later this year from Spiral Arrow Games. And I’m sure if I dug down, I could find some other old art that’s kind of decent. And I feel like I’m always working on something. However, even all of that would only really last a couple more months, on the daily update schedule.

But, hey, I got an entire year’s worth of updates out of this project! And that’s not nothing.

So, for now, this is the end of daily updates to — It’s been a lot of fun, and I hope everybody who’s been along for the ride has enjoyed it. I certainly have.

I’ll keep updating regularly. For now, I’ll plan to update at least once a week. Maybe I’ll even do some more in-depth writing, with the extra time. I really enjoyed writing the Spider-Man on Sega Genesis review, and I think I’d like to do more stuff with some of my favorite, kind of obscure video games. The Triple H: Evolution of the Game article was a blast to write, as well. Perhaps I can find some more gimmicky albums to write about? Who knows? The future is wide open.

Thank you to everybody who’s stuck around for the last year. And if you haven’t, go back and check out the 425 other posts on this blog. You probably missed at least one of them. And maybe you’ll find one you loved and forgot about


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