Friendly Fridays Bonus: Wurmfur’s “I” EP

My pals in the band WURMFUR have released their first EP today, titled “I”. You can head over to the group’s BANDCAMP page to sample the tunes, or purchase digital copies for your music library!

If you’re not familiar with Bandcamp, it’s the best way to support independent musicians. While services such as Spotify and Pandora let you listen to anything owned by the major record companies, as well as any indy artist who have uploaded their music to those services, most of the advertising money Spotify makes never finds its way to the musicians. These services are great for the listeners, but not for the people actually making the music.

By comparison, Bandcamp is very artist-friendly, and only takes a small cut of each purchase to maintain their service. The first Friday of each month is Bandcamp Friday, where they waive those fees, so all the money goes directly to the musicians. You can stream songs for free to try them out, and then purchase the digital album. And when you’ve downloaded the record (in your file format of choice), you can then listen to the songs on basically any device that plays music, without needing to be connected to the Internet. That means you can be anywhere, and you don’t have to eat up your data plan just to listen to some tunes.

Anyways, the 3 guys in WURMFUR are charging 3 bucks for this EP, which contains 3 songs. And if you buy the album today, which happens to be Bandcamp Friday, that means they get $1 each, directly from your purchase.

Hey, support my friends! If you’ve got a few bucks and you like high-energy rock ‘n’ roll, there’s a lot worse ways to spend your money.

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