Hawk & Croc’s 18th Anniversary

That’s right, the very first Hawk & Croc comic was uploaded on this day back in 2003.

To celebrate the anniversary, I thought I’d upload all of the images that used to be posted on the cast page, way back in the early days of the comic! These images haven’t been online in over a decade.

Back when I used to code my website by hand, I had it set up so the main six characters’ images would swap when you’d mouse over them — Hawk, Croc, Beth, Jacky, Gila, and Alli would all convert to their alter-egos. Since I just use WordPress and don’t code all of this by hand anymore, I don’t have the capability of doing that. I mean, there’s probably a way to do it, but I don’t care enough to look it up. You’ll just have to settle for being able to see all 25 images at once.

Click any of the images to see them full-sized!

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