Hey, remember that McFarlane Toys action figure, The Conqueror, whom I wrote about back in September? And how I said, “Conqueror will be the basis of some more future blog entries, for sure”?

So, this is Vagabond, drawn in 1997:


Vagabond is a character that I came up with, totally ripping off The Conqueror. He doesn’t have all the armor, but the tunic design is way too similar, and he’s still got the green skin and the big axe.

Actually, knowing what I know now about the legalities of character design, he’s different enough that if I took away the green skin and gave him a different weapon, I could totally get away with using him. But then it’s a matter of fitting him into a story. So, maybe someday.

And, like, obviously the drawing is terrible. I was 14. Back off.

Anyways, the conceit of Vagabond is that he wasn’t necessarily a hero or villain, but would just fight anybody for whatever reason. A “vagabond” is a person who wanders from place to place with no definite home, so having a character who was just sort of AROUND my comic universe seemed like a cool and unique idea to my teenage brain.

I dunno, we’ll see if he ever makes any new appearances. I definitely have a handful of other drawings I did of this guy back in the 1990s, so stick around and I’ll definitely keep posting that stuff as time goes on.

In case you were wondering, I totally learned the word “vagabond” from Metallica’s song, “Wherever I May Roam.” Because of course I did.

That lettering is pretty great, though. It definitely inspired the lettering over Gorr.

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