Frostbyte Origins

Drawn the same day as that first image of The Serpent!

So in the mid-1990s, I was just coming up with idea after idea for characters to eventually incorporate into a comic book universe. Many of those characters ended up being included in Hawk & Croc, but many others did not!

“Frostbight” (because spelling names incorrectly, as I understood it at the time, was a way to legally own the name) was a basic ice-based villain that I came up with one day. But eventually I realized that there was one HUGE problem with him: He was a TOTAL knock off of the Iron Man villain, Blizzard! Makes sense, as there was a Saturday Morning Iron Man cartoon on at the time that I definitely was been watching at the time.

Of course, anybody who’s gone through New Hawk & Croc will know that Frostbight DID end up in those stories, albeit with his name altered to “Frostbyte,” as he was now a tech-based villain, as well as a completely altered costume.

Michael Frost is the founder of Frostbyte Technologies, a company that makes the world’s best refrigerators. But the millions of dollars he’s made wasn’t enough, so he began to focus his attention to criminal activities, creating wrist-mounted freeze blasters fueled by a proprietary liquid coolant stored in the two tanks on his back. His whole suit is temperature-controlled, to prevent him from overheating while IN the suit, and to prevent his arms and hands from freezing when he activates the blasters.

Science fiction stories are awesome, because you can totally make up cool shit like that and say things like “proprietary liquid coolant” to explain that I don’t know shit about how this actually works, but the idea is… well, cool.

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