Other Strangeness #1 with Val Hochberg

The end of 2020 was the end of my first podcast series, Atomic Monsoon. We all very much enjoyed doing that show, but as we neared episode 100, Josh and Stephanie and I knew it was about time to end the series.

By contrast, the start of 2021 is the beginning of my new podcast series, OTHER STRANGENESS. In it, I will talk with my creative friends — and hopefully, some creators I admire and am not yet friends with — about their creative project and endeavors, as well as what inspired them, and maybe veer off into some of their other interests.

The first episode features my friend, Val Hochberg, the creator of the webcomic series, Mystery, Babylon, which you can read at kick-girl.com! We did have Val on our live Atomic Monsoon panel at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019, but I always felt there was definitely more depth to go into that we just didn’t get the chance to do at the live show. Val and I go into that depth on this episode, as we hit on what started her journey into making comics, some of her inspirations, and the weird coincidence that we ended up doing work for the same company in different capacities.

It’s a really fun conversation full of Val’s infectious giggling, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it.

So give it a listen, and if you like this episode, be sure to subscribe, and maybe leave a nice rating and review if your podcatcher allows for such things.

Episode 2 is already recorded, where I speak with Mike O’Reilly, the creator of the indie video game, I Wanna Be The Guy, and I have plenty of other creative friends with discussions just waiting to be had.

Happy New Year, everybody. Now, let’s get strange!