Mail Call: X-Factor Havok & Polaris Marvel Legends

We interrupt Optimus Prime Repaint Week for this delivery that just came in the mail

The run of X-Factor comics from issues 71-149 are amongst my favorite comics that I’ve ever read. And a large part of the reason for that is these two characters.

I always related to Havok’s reluctance to lead, especially living in the shadow of his brother, Cyclops. And Lorna’s growth from insecure teammate with a regrettable past to strong, independent woman was a pretty great bit of character development.

I’m not sure that any action figure can be a 100% accurate representation of a comic book character, but within the realm of Marvel Legends toys, these two come pretty damn close.

And yes! This is the same Polaris that inspired Fire Raven’s hair in InJustice City! And I did a whole write-up about a Havok figure that never existed in 1991 a little while ago.

Glad to have these two join the ranks if my growing X-Men Marvel Legends collection.

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