Heroes of Cybertron Redwing Custom Toy

Redwing is an interesting fella. He never appeared anywhere in the original Transformers Generation 1 cartoon series, and in fact only exists because of a printing error.

So, there was a convention-exclusive set of Seekers that was going to come out in 2013, but miscommunications between the US Transformers producers Hasbro, the Japanese Transformers producers Takara, Japanese retailer E-Hobby, and company that makes the US convention-exclusive products, Fun Publications, that set ended up never being released. But the Seekers did make it into that year’s convention-exclusive comic. One of the Decepticon jets was scheduled to be colored orange, but a darker, more red-than-yellow shade of orange than Sunstorm‘s creamsicle color. Due to the shade of orange chosen for this new character, and the lighting of the scene he appeared in, and the fact that he was apparently right next to Sunstorm in the panel, it came across as more of a straight red color.

For the next couple of years, fans inquired as to whom this new “red” Seeker was. Eventually, someone at Fun Publications was like, “Uhh, his name is Red Wing,” or something. And an entirely new character was born. Completely by accident.

Anyways, because of that, when I was able to pick up some more of these three-inch Heroes of Cybertron Starscream figures, Redwing was, of course, near the top of my list of characters to paint up.

I still have plenty of these guys I haven’t posted on PsychoAndy.com, though, and was recently able to acquire some more HOC toys…so this parade ain’t ending anytime soon. Stay tuned!