Friendly Fridays: Hawk & Croc (and Fire Raven) by Val Hochberg

Have you listened to the first episode of Other Strangeness yet? In it, we mention that my guest (and friend) Val Hochberg does Patreon-exclusive sketch cards every month for $10, and for the past three years, she’s taken requests for the December postcards. In 2018, I asked her to draw Hawk. In 2019, X-Croc. And in 2020, Fire Raven. And they’re all ADORABLE.

I want to slowly amass the complete collection of Hawk & Croc characters in Val’s style. I may need to ask her about commissioning some, because getting one a year just isn’t enough.

If you like this art, go read Val’s comic, Mystery Babylon over at, and support her work by buying some stuff from, or join her Patreon at

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