Friendly Fridays: Art of Fighting Adventures by Brandon A. Mayo

Waaaay back in 2001, before Hawk & Croc existed, my H&C co-creator, Brandon A. Mayo, was writing VERY silly fanfiction stories based on the characters of our favorite fighting games.

These very stories are the reason that I asked him to help me come up with and write a comic series, when I was having trouble coming up with story ideas by myself.

Looking back at them 20 years later, the stories are very simplistic and crude and obviously written by a teenage boy. But they’ll always represent the genesis of what became Hawk & Croc. Even if, um, it doesn’t really feel like it.

So below is the first chapter of Art of Fighting Adventures, a story using characters from SNK’s Art of Fighting video games. If you’re not familiar with the characters, here’s what you need to know before going into this story:

Takuma Sakazaki is the leader of the Kyokugen-Ryuu dojo, and father to Ryo and Yuri. Ryo’s best friend, Robert Garcia, is a student of Takuma’s, along with the Sakazaki siblings. Robert and Yuri are dating. Ryo is dating an androgynous, Muay Thai bartender named King. Geese Howard is a rich asshole who owns businesses and has a tower that he named after himself. The “Deadly Rave” is the name of one of Geese’s most devastating attacks.

Here’s a graphic with official concept art for the characters, done by various artists:

Over at Geese Tower… 

Geese: Takuma! Work for me, or your daughter will die!! 
Takuma: You’re bluffing! I’ll never work for scum like you! 
Geese: I’m not bluffing! See? 
Yuri: Daddy! Help me!!! 
Takuma: I still think you’re bluffing. 
Geese: Gaah! ::does the deadly rave to Yuri:: 
Yuri: NOO!!!! DADDY!!!!! ::dies:: 
Takuma: Holy crap, you weren’t bluffing. 
Geese: Nope. 
Takuma: Oh well. I’ve got a dojo to build. See ya! 
Geese: Bye! 

Takuma gets back to his home. 

Robert: Takuma! We haven’t seen you in a long time! 
Takuma: Yuri died. 
Robert: WHAT?!?! 
Takuma: Yep. 
Robert: Oh well. I’m single again! Yeah!!! 
Takuma: Hey, where’s Ryo? 
Robert: Oh, him and King are having sex over at her place. 
Takuma: Are they using protection? 
Robert: No. 
Takuma: Oh well. 


Brandon got a lot better as a writer.

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