Hawk’s Captain Marvel Selfie

In 2012, Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel, was re-dubbed Captain Marvel in a series penned by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. That series ran for 17 issues, and was rebooted in early 2014.

To help boost sales for the new issue #1, Mrs. DeConnick asked people who followed her on social media to post selfies with them holding the new comic. Since I happened to have bought a digital copy instead of a print one (I’ve since gone back and gotten a print copy as well), it would have been awkward to post myself holding my computer with the image displayed on the screen.

So I drew Hawk holding the comic, instead.

Anyways, the Captain Marvel comics since 2012 have mostly been pretty great, and you should all go read them. Use ComicShopLocator.com to find a comic store in your area and support the businesses that are really struggling right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. If they don’t have copies in stock, ask if they can special order one for you!

I recommend starting with the Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Hero collections, as they’re the easiest way to get caught up without having to hunt down some already-overpriced back issues.

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