Hawk & Croc vs the Saiyan Warrior

I don’t remember exactly when I drew this, but I believe it was 2007. The entire thing, from concept to completion, was pencilled and inked on an 11×17 comic page in just a couple of hours, and then scanned in with digital lettering added using some free art program that could do dialogue bubbles very effectively. Sadly, as it’s been over a decade, I don’t remember which program it was.

Dragon Ball Z was all the rage online at the time we made this, with their Saiyans, an alien race whose entire society focused around combat and conquering; and of course, Kajetokun’s “Over 9000” video, the reason that stupid line became a meme in the first place.

Anyhow, I thought it would be funny if Hawk & Croc took on a Saiyan warrior who was way out of their league, only to be saved by their mentor, Fire Raven, aka Beth.

Brandon named the Saiyan character “Bino,” and I had this idea that his hair would look like Bozo the Clown’s, but to the extreme. Unfortunately, given my art talents at the time, he just looks like the already-existing DBZ character, Raditz. That might actually be better, honestly, as it’s a more clear narrative with the two of them taking on an established character, and one of the weaker ones in DBZ, at that.

I think this is a fun bit of Hawk & Croc Apocrypha to have on record.

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