Disney Infinity Elsa as Captain Marvel

This is from 2014, if I recall correctly. Captain Marvel mania had overtaken social media, and Frozen was the biggest movie on the planet. The two seemed like a strangely natural pairing, to me.

It’s just the Elsa figure from the Disney Infinity game, which was a game that gave you power-ups and stuff for attaching figures to a peripheral of some kind, like Amiibo, I think? I never actually played the game.

Anyhow, it’s Elsa with a Hala star sculpted over the chest, and a bunch of paint. And then I sold it on eBay for probably more than I should have.

Every so often, I see this thing pop up in Captain Marvel fan art discussions. It’s rad that people still think this piece is cool, long after Disney Infinity has been cancelled.

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