Friendly Fridays: Val Hochberg’s Kick Girl

My pal Val Hochberg (Hey, we had her on Atomic Monsoon once!) does the excellent online comic, Mystery Babylon. In 2015, she redesigned the lead character, Kick Girl, to be wearing this aqua-and-magenta ensemble, and I thought it was pretty awesome. So I drew it.

When I posted this on Instagram, Val’s response was:

OMG!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!! This is the very first thing I saw online today and this makes me so happy I can’t even tell you. *sobs* I love this drawing so much!!! She looks so badass and cool!!! ;0; THANK YOU ANDYYYY <3

So I guess I did a good job!

Anyways, you should all go read Mystery Babylon over at, and support Val on Patreon. If you send her $10/month, she sends you one-of-a-kind postcards of original art!

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