Month: September 2020

Mirage-style 1988 TMNT Repaints

“Why are they all in red?” Well… The original, black-and-white TMNT comics by Mirage Studios…

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Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Just finished this like a half-hour ago, and then had dinner. I was getting caught…

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April O’Neil (and Mousers) Repaint

While most people know April O’Neil as the yellow jumpsuit-clad news reporter from the 1987…

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Mail Call: Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

They’re all starting to come together. This is exciting.

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Monday Musings: The Toxicity of Social Media, or: Make the Internet Fun Again

This is kind of a long one kids, so strap in. The pandemic of 2020…

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Leatherhead custom repaint

There’s nothing really wrong with the original Leatherhead toy, I just thought that for a…

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Rocksteady Custom Toy

While I kinda love the original Bebop action figure, the 1988 Rocksteady toy has, for…

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Friendly Fridays: Val Hochberg’s Kick Girl

My pal Val Hochberg (Hey, we had her on Atomic Monsoon once!) does the excellent…

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Mail Call: Lord Drakkon

In another reality where Tommy Oliver never fully escaped the influence of the evil space…

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Legion of Doom Tag Team Custom Toys

The Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal, who took their name from the Mad Max films,…

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Robot Heroes Action Master Thundercracker Custom Toy

Thundercracker was one of the first Transformers toys released in 1984. He was a blue-and-silver…

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Heroes of Cybertron: Generations Acid Storm

After Sunstorm proved to be a successfully popular “new” character, Transformers-owning toy company Hasbro kept…

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Monday Musings: McFarlane Toys’ The Conqueror

Ever since I learned about this action figure back in 1997, it has fascinated me….

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Starscream Print

Originally sketched in pencil, and then outlined in Adobe Illustrator, before coming back into Photoshop…

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Past Perfection

From the Great Synthwave Experiment of 2017, this was just a fun bit of logo…

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