Mail Call: Mid-’90s Daredevil

Well this is an unusual figure to have show up in the mail!

Debuting in October of 1993, Marvel Comics gave Daredevil an updated 90’s look, no doubt to make his eponymous comic with sagging sales hopefully appeal to the newly-established Image Comics crowd.

Debuting in issue #321 of Daredevil, DD’s new look had sharpened shoulder and knee pads, and a “cool” new abstract design on the chest, as well as a much darker look to represent a much “Edgier” time.

The costume was gone by issue #345, exactly two years later, when ol’ Hornhead went back to his more traditional all-red gear. But I always thought the 1993 update was a neat look, and I’m glad Hasbro has immortalized it in plastic, especially in this oh-so-90s Spider-Man Retro toy line.

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