Friendly Fridays: Psycho Andy Fan Art

By T.J. VanGunten

Introducing a new feature on Friendly Fridays. I have DOZENS of drawings that are either by my friends, or caricatures that I’ve done of my friends, or drawings I’ve done of characters my creative friends have created. And I figure, hey, let’s showcase some of those!

So because this is my website and I’m feeling egocentric, I’m starting it with a drawing my friend Teejay (the same one who got me the Triple H record I talked about earlier this week) did of me back in somewhere between 1999-2001, when I was wearing contacts all the time instead of glasses.

Look at my small head and big feet. All the better to run after you with, my dear! And I’m drawing something. That feels appropriate.

Thanks, Teejay!

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