Atomic Monsoon #79: CraigSkitz of ScrewAttack

Something a little different this week as Andy interviews “Stuttering” Craig Skistimas, aka CraigSkitz, host of the CraigSkitz podcast and Twitch streams. We talk about Craig’s career from SlamBall to ScrewAttack to GameAttack & RoosterTeeth to his new podcast, and Craig is kind enough to answer some of Andy’s questions he’s wanted to know for years.

Referenced in this episode:

Hats Off Media’s interview with Craig on YouTube:
Craig discusses the death of ScrewAttack on YouTube:
ScrewAttack Archive on YouTube:

Craig Skistimas aka CraigSkitz was the co-founder and former owner of ScrewAttack in 2006, a website dedicated to “video games and fun,” where he hosted their podcast SideScrollers for over a decade, pioneered daily video game news videos, and developed the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention, SGC. Later, after ScrewAttack had been purchased by FullScreen Media and merged with RoosterTeeth, Craig, along with other former ScrewAttack staff, began GameAttack, a group of friends who had fun playing video games together. In 2020, Craig left GameAttack and started the CraigSkitz podcast, where he has weekly conversations with friends he’s made in the video game industry over the last 15 years. You can find him on Twitch and YouTube as “CraigSkitz.”

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