Marvel Legends Black Cat custom

It had been about five years since Ms. Felicia Hardy was last released as a Marvel Legends figure, back when I just wasn’t paying attention to the line at all. I’ve been a fan of the character since 1993’s MAXIMUM CARNAGE storyline, where she teams up with Spider-Man and Venom to combat bigger threats. A new Black Cat was released in 2019, as part of the Kingpin Build-A-Figure wave, but it was sporting her then-current comics look, with the weird cat eyes on her chest:

“My eyes are…oh, nevermind.”

I mean, that look is fine, and I’m all for releasing current versions of characters. But I was looking at it, and realized that with very little work, that figure could very easily be a classic Black Cat. It would just take a little paint and patience. Off to eBay I went to find a loose Black Cat figure, so I didn’t have an extra Kingpin arm laying around. And hey, I got her for like 7 bucks off!

Felicia’s classic comic look, with its oft-varying neckline.

So I added some white paint to the fur and gloves and boots and collar, mixed some black and silver to match her glittery bodysuit to cover over those weird chest-eyes, and a bit of electrical tape to represent her choker. But I left the little cat-head jewel on the collar, because I thought it was a nice touch.

Now I have myself a LEGENDARY Marvel Legends Black Cat figure!

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