Mail Call: STRIKE outfit Captain America


Always liked this outfit, and when a Reddit user announced he was selling off some of his Marvel Legends, I jumped at the opportunity to pick this figure up. We came to a very reasonable price agreement, especially given how much this figure sells for on eBay these days.

I think this art is by Dale Eaglesham? If you know otherwise, I’ll correct this post!

It’s an outfit based on that Steve Rogers was wearing in the early 2010s, during a time period where he had given up being Captain America for a short while, and took over as director of SHIELD, as Nick Fury was MIA at the time. I really liked this redesign of Cap’s patriotic scheme, as it kept that feeling but wasn’t so spangly.

Chris Evans in costume

When Cap wore this particular variant in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier film, I was immediately on board. I saw this figure for sale while I was working at Samurai Comics, and passed on it for weeks because I wasn’t collecting Marvel Legends figures at the time. I would end up regretting that when the figure sold, and thought I’d lost my chance.

Glad I jumped on it, this time.

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