Last Unicorn Fan Art

Rankin-Bass Productions made some really gorgeous cartoons in the 1980s, and perhaps chief amongst them was The Last Unicorn, based on the novel by Peter S. Beagle. In fact, Beagle himself also wrote the screenplay for the animated feature!

I was introduced to the movie by my mom, who I remember had special-ordered a copy of the VHS from Blockbuster Video when I was a youngster. We watched it on a fairly consistent basis, so it had to be one of the first DVDs that I bought.

This particular piece of art was done for when an arts theater in downtown Phoenix was doing a one-showing-only screening a couple years ago. I made a few prints and sold them to not only a few fans of the movie, but someone cosplaying as Lady Amalthea, and the program director of the theater. I think I made like $50 that night, which means I basically got to see the movie and eat whatever I wanted that night for free. Not bad!

Starring the voices of Mia Farrow, Alan Arkin, Angela Lansbury, Jeff Bridges, and Christopher Lee, and featuring music by the band America, the film has an all-star lineup. As of the time I’m writing this in late July of 2020, it’s streaming on both Hulu and Amazon Video, although that could change at any point. If you’ve never seen it, take an hour and a half to enjoy this fantasy romp.

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