Atomic Monsoon #57: Titan Master Attack with Drew Nolosco

Transformers Trading Card Game Global Brand Manager Drew Nolosco from Wizards of the Coast joins us again to talk about the upcoming Titans Return Attack expansion for the TCG.

Drew Nolosco and Autobot Grapple

Drew Nolosco is the global brand manager for the Transformers TCG and a designer at Wizards of the Coast. As part of RD Digital he was the head designer of Magic Duels: Origins.Drew started his career as a manager for Neutral Ground 1995-1998. He later became Chief Game Designer at Riot Media 2004-2006, Senior Game DesignerBrand Manager at To Be Continued, LLC 2006-2009 and Product Development Manager at WizKidsNECA. He started working at Wizards of the Coast in March, 2011.

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