Everyday Heroes commissions

This was a fun series of commissions. Over the spring, a local church was doing a five-week series, and asked me to design comic book-esque covers for their pamphlets and screen presentations, one for each week. I did that, but also tried to make each week resemble a different decade in comics history. 

The first week was “Love Thy Enemy,” so I went for a very 60s, early Marvel Comics type of look. 

Next was “Give Yourself Away,” so I made a cover that had the checkerboard top of a 1970s DC comic. 

Third was “A Fighting Chance,” where I gave the whole thing the look of the “Marvel Comics Group” covers of the 1980s. 

Next up was “The Persecuted,” so I gave that cover a faux-foil background and a font that was hard to read and inappropriate for the comic, much like the Image comics of the early 1990s had. 

Finally, for “Living for More,” I brought back the 1970’s character, “Super Star,” and updated his look and the cover dressing to match the Marvel Ultimate line of comics from the 2000s.

The issue numbers are the date for each sermon, and I threw in some fun little extras, such as matching the church’s initials to mock-versions of the comic publishers’ logos, and adding “part 3 of 5” to the third week’s image, and “part 5” to the fifth week’s image.

I had a lot of fun doing this project. I went to each of the services, and everybody had nothing but very nice things to say about my work.

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