What a first week!

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Well, if you want to start the new year right, Marvel and DC certainly delivered in 2010.

BLACKEST NIGHT #6 dealt with the end of issue #5 in a fun, imaginative way, and the cliffhanger ending is absolutely fantastic – And it leaves me wondering how the events of this issue will affect the outcome of FLASH REBIRTH. Way to upsell me, DC! Will Barry Allen continue down the path of this issue, or will his change only be for the referenced 24 hours?

Meanwhile, on the Marvel side of things, SIEGE starts up this week. A four-issue event crossover is a lot easier to swallow than the 7 or 8 issues we’ve gotten the last few years, and we’re able to get right to the point. And the wonderful Bendis banter that I would’ve loved to see IN the issue is added to the back – I especially liked Bullseye/Hawkeye’s deal about how just the one God, Ares, was able to get him to shut up, and Asgard is a whole city of Gods. Absolutely brilliant.

I’m excited to see where both of these events go. The conclusions for both stories can’t get here soon enough! Good thing April is only a few months away!

Sadly, between WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, and X-Men’s SECOND COMING, nothing in 2010 looks quite as exciting as what’s going on right now. Hopefully Marvel and DC can change my mind as the year progresses!

And if you’re not checking out IMAGE UNITED, what’re you waiting for? The Image Universe is finally becoming cohesive! Spawn, the Savage Dragon, Youngblood, Cyberforce, Witchblade, Shadowhawk, Invincible, and more are all finally sharing a world, and everybody is being drawn by their respective creators, so you’re guaranteed the “proper” versions of everybody. IMAGE UNITED is a total blast. Get up in that.


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