Hunting For AEW Fight Forever

Prologue: this entire post is basically the epitome of first world problems. I’m aware of that.

You would think pre-ordering a game from Amazon would be good enough, right?

Just after a friend texted me asking is I had gotten it yet, I received an email from Amazon saying there were “shipping delays” with my order, and no other details. The email also said that Amazon would get me the game “as soon as we can,” but with no indication how long that was going to take. One more day? A week? Never? I had no idea. They were already shipping the game to me a day late! This is not what I expected.

As a result, I cancelled my pre-order. If Amazon, whose whole thing is speedy deliveries, can’t get me my order on time, they don’t get my business.

But I still wanted the game. A Lyft request later, and I was at a local shopping center, the Scottsdale Pavilions, with a Target AND a GameStop. Surely it would be at one of those two locations.

Target apparently never received it. And GameStop didn’t open until noon. I checked the time: 10:10am. Dammit. What now? I could hang out for two hours… but the shopping center was outdoors, and this is Arizona in June.

Maybe the nearby Wal-Mart will have the game? One Lyft ride later… they did not. Well shit! I’m in too deep now, I decided. Off to the OTHER big shopping center, Tempe Marketplace. They have a Target, and GameStop. AND a Best Buy! One of those stores HAS to have it, right?

Target did not. Best Buy did not! What the actual hell is going on?

GameStop was my last hope. I went in, I looked at the Nintendo Switch games… and I didn’t see it. Agh! Well. Maybe the gal who works here knows. I asked, she looked it up…

And I got the LAST COPY in the store!

At this point, it was lunch time, so I went to Noodles & Company and got lunch. And took a picture of the game case standing on the table I was sitting at.

And then I went home and played Fight Forever for six hours straight.

Short review: if you liked the N64 Wrestling games WCW/nWo Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000 and WWF No Mercy, or the PS2 game Def Jam Vendetta, this game plays like a sped-up, slightly updated version of that game engine. It’s not 100% identical, but it’s a spiritual successor.

I’ll write a bigger review in a few days, after spending more time with it. I haven’t had time to try all the features yet! But, y’know, I played it for six hours, and I’m just scratching the surface. It’s pretty good.

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