Can you imagine if this happened to Physical Media?

Movies Anywhere is a service that allows you to connect all your digital platforms together so you can watch digital copies of movies in one library. This is more convenient than remembering which movie you got from which digital store. I mainly use it to watch movies I bought that have digital codes on my tablet, so I don’t need to go downstairs and get the physical disc when I wanna watch something in bed.

And they have features so if you own a movie, you can watch it together with other friends online. It’s just like getting together at someone’s house, but for people who are sick, or have moved away.

But I just got this email from them…

“Hey, you can’t watch movies you paid for with your friends anymore. Now everyone has to buy a copy and you all need to hit play simultaneously.”

I swear, the deeper we get into digital media, the worse it gets.

I hope this post is outdated soon.

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