Friendly Fridays: Val Hochberg’s Hawk & Croc

My friend Val Hochberg, creator of the comic series Mystery, Babylon, does these Patreon Hero postcards for folks who subscribe to her Patreon at the $10/month tier or higher. And for Christmas each year, she lets you make requests. So for the last few years, I’ve asked her to do custom Hawk & Croc postcards, because I like seeing my characters drawn in other artists’ styles.

Val drew Hawk in 2018, Croc in 2019, and Fire Raven in 2020. I’ve shown these before.

But what you haven’t seen before is my 2021 request!

This past Christmas, I asked for a character that’s way outside Val’s normal style to see what she’d come up with, and I’d say she killed it with her interpretation of The Great Quagmire!

So cool!

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