Mail Call: Modular Armor Iron Man Marvel Legends Action Figure

Warning up front: This figure is VERY shiny, and I couldn’t figure out how to capture that with my iPhone camera. I’m not a professional photographer, so… sorry?

I pre-ordered this Iron Man figure as soon as it was announced, back in March. I’ve been awaiting his arrival since, and he showed up on my birthday weekend. Hooray!

As someone who moved into the Marvel Universe in 1993, I have a soft spot for the designs the characters had when I first took residence. And while Iron Man’s Neo-Classic Armor was what he wore when I first came to know him, it was when he moved to the Modular Armor in Iron Man #300 that I finally thought he looked cool. His mouth slit was gone, the shape of the gold part of his helmet was more angular, and he outfit didn’t look like he was wearing his underpants on the outside like every other superhero.

This is *my* Iron Man! This is the Iron Man that first teamed up with War Machine. This is the Iron Man from the 1994 animated series (although season 1 gave him his mouth slit again for some reason). This is the Iron Man that appeared in Capcom’s various fighting games from the 1990s, including Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the Iron Man armors. If the classic 60s and 70s look is your bag, that’s completely understandable. If you’re into the Neo-Classic armor of the late 80s and early 1990s, I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong (although maybe it’s time Hasbro updates that particular figure). If you prefer some of the more modern looks, or even his film appearances, I get it.

Literally a full head taller than the Marvel Legends Retro Iron Man

One of my favorite things about this figure is its simplicity. All he comes with is an interchangeable pair of hands, and two repulsor blast effects. No Build-A-Figure parts, no alternate heads… Just some fists, some open hands, and some blasts. Nothing that you don’t need to put him in some cool poses.

I’m glad to have this guy join my other Marvel Legends Avengers.


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