Oriyan’s Ceria, 2004

Oriyan! is a webcomic that ran from 2003-2012, created friends by Celeste Smith and Jessica Hymas. It never finished, and the homepage for it includes apologies from the creators for a lack of updates. I haven’t gone back to re-read it, but I remember VERY much enjoying it at the time.

Anyways, the main character, Oriyan, meets a sorceress elf gal right on the first page. Ceria was such a cool character that not only did I do this fan art of her (back in the before-drawing-tablets era, so this is all mouse-drawn), but I also used her name in a school project the following year.

I remember back when I posted this on deviantART shortly after drawing it, one of the comments was that I “shouldn’t use lens flares with such cartoony art,” or something. But the joke was on the commenter — Ceria’s magical effect was actually just a couple of clicks with the airbrush tool!

I still like the way this one turned out.

Tomorrow: Something other than old Photoshop art from 2004!

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