Friendly Fridays: My mom’s poetry book

Hey, here’s a true fact that I totally forgot: In December 2017, my mom released a book of her poetry, and asked me to design the cover.

If you’d like a of Journey of Awakening: Poems of Returning to the Light, click this sentence to buy it from — Lulu has the book on a print-to-order deal, so when you order one, it’s printed specifically for you. And it’s only $10.99 USD.

It’s available from other online retailers, but I’m like 99% sure they just order it from Lulu anyways, so why add that extra step? Support my mom and the company that’s publishing her book. And, y’know, you can own a thing I designed, too, I guess.

Mom’s also published an intro-to-Druidry book called Ancient Wisdom Now!, but I didn’t design the cover for that one. But, if you’re into or curious about Celtric Druidry, you may as well check that one out, too.

Drawing birds is hard, you guys.

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