Inktober Day 5 – Blade

I mean, when the prompt is part of the name of a Hawk & Croc character, how am I NOT going to draw that character?

So, this is Jacky Nightblade, in his leather biker jacket, jeans, Beatle boots, fingerless gloves, and un-wrapped wrist wraps. And his energy-generated ninjatō swords.

Nightblade is one of few characters, like Masklaw, where I still have the very first drawing I ever did of them:

This is from a college-ruled notebook that I used as a sketchbook back in either late 1995 or early 1996 (meaning this drawing is around 25 years old). I liked the wizard character on the Magic: The Gathering card, Dark Ritual, and thought it would be cool if he had a whole team of other gothic-style characters to surround him. Of course, being 13 at the time, what that meant was basically knock-off characters based on other things I liked. So the first was a long-haired vampire hunter guy, I guess. And then a bunch of other characters who aren’t relevant to today’s discussion. You’ll just have to come back for those posts.

So many of the early MTG Black cards had fucking AWESOME artwork.

I’ll definitely do another post going more into Jacky Nightblade’s history, including the terrible alternate names he almost ended up with, but for today, I thought it would be fun to be able to compare the oldest drawing of one of my characters with the newest.

Practice pays off, kids!

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