Marvel Legends Ultron Custom

This project was inspired by the fact that the Retro Marvel Legends Vision figure came with an Ultron head. I started looking for figs that would make a decent Ultron and wound up with Ultimate Beetle. One of the great things about Ultron is that he rebuilds himself so many times, as long as he kinda looks like a Terminator/killer robot, it’s believably him. I liked the red & yellow Kirby crackle in the eyes & mouth of the head, and decided to repeat that on all the nodes featured on the Ultimate Beetle mold.

I’ve since been made aware Hasbro made a similar Ultron figure in a 3-pack, but I actually didn’t know about it until after I’d already bought the Beetle figure to use as a base. Guess I made a good choice!

See the work-in-progress and inspiration images below: