Batgirl Pixel Art

When I started messing around with pixel art, I knew one of the first characters I had to tackle was Batgirl. I very much enjoy the series from DC Rebirth by Hope Larson & Rafael Albuquerque, following up the run where Babs Tarr’s purple-and-yellow redesign of Ms. Barbara Gordon debuted.

But I wasn’t sure I was up to making pixel art of anything that detailed quite yet.

So I hopped on the old Google Image Search and looked up “Batgirl.” I came across this poster by Batman: The Animated Series lead designer, Bruce Timm:

Click for the full-sized version

Yeah, I could probably do something closer to that. So I took a stab at it, deciding to do the updated outfit, and changing it from dusk to just evening.

Batgirl of Burnside

The itty-bitty Harley and Ivy duo were especially challenging, because how do you portray those two characters in black-and-white, with so few pixels?

I’m not sure my version is even as good as Bruce Timm’s, but I do think it captures the essence of the poster.

Digital Illustration. Adobe Photoshop. 2016.

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