Tonight, I played Zombies!!!, a board game that has become sort of a regular activity between myself and a handful of friends.

The point of the game is to either be the first to get to to the Helicopter, or to kill 25 zombies.

I did not win.

The interesting thing about Zombies!!! is that the game is never the same, twice – You start on the Town Square tile, and each turn, players draw and add new tiles to the board, expanding it and shaping it in a unique map of the city that has become overrun with the undead.

Players each get a hand of three cards to either help themselves or to screw over other players. Some of the effects aren’t that bad early on, but will become game-changing, as players, say, get close to the helicopter, or have 24 killed zombies.

Zombies!!! is pretty fantastic. It takes a few hours to complete a game, but I highly recommend the game to anybody with a penchant for board games.

Next time, we’re adding the mall expansion. That should create some interesting twists.