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Originally posted at COMICZONEAZ.com (site no longer active)

So, I’ve been kinda poor at keeping this thing as updated as I would like. But there’s a very good reason for that; I’ve been working on the NEW ComicZoneAZ.com! Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, it will be up and running before Thanksgiving.

Here’s some quickies from our Twitter account – Twitter.com/comiczoneaz (no longer active)

Wednesday, 5:20 pm
If Superman sales were so poor already, why was it a good idea to take Supes out of his own book? Who’ll buy “Superman” without Clark Kent?

Wednesday, 5:22 pm
Clearly, DC didn’t think this one through. People are already dropping Justice League, because Mon-El is just not an interesting character.

Wednesday, 5:24 pm
I think Blackest Night: Superman actually using him just goes to prove that the New Krypton experiment didn’t work. Put Kal in his own book!

Wednesday, 5:26 pm
Inversely, how great has Batman been since Dick Grayson took over the cowl? It’s nice to give Bruce a rest, and put Dick in the limelight.

Thursday, 6:50 pm
How did X-Men Origins: Iceman get Iceman’s origin wrong? “I got mutant powers and my dad kicked me out of the house” isn’t hard to do right.

Thursday, 7:00 pm
Deadpool Team-Up #899, meanwhile, made me into a big Hercules fan. I should probably start reading his solo book. Can’t wait for #898 in 30.

Thursday, 7:05 pm
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man continues to be wonderful. Just the right mix of high-octane action and high school drama. Magnifique!

Thursday, 7:25
The Psylocke/Revanche/Betsy Braddon/Kwannon story (X-Men #20-23) was my first X-Men story. So this new Psylocke miniseries feels like home.

Thursday, 7:27
Re: Psylocke #1 still, I’m digging Harvey Toliabao’s action panels, but I’m not sold on his storytelling quite yet.

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