Quickie Comic Reviews: October 07, 2009

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON COMICZONEAZ.com (website no longer active)

I’m back! I’ll try to get these up and going more frequently.

Batman: Unseen #1 of 5 – Not a bad first chapter. I’m not convinced this has to be a Batman story, except that it happens to take place in Gotham. But I can’t tell you to NOT read it…

Batman and Robin #5 – I’m digging the Red Hood story far more than the Pyg one. Phillip Tan’s improved, but he’s still no Frank Quitely.

Cable #19 – Everybody vs. the Brood! God, Emil is annoying. I hope he dies so Hope can become the hardened warrior the adopted child of Cable SHOULD become.

Daredevil #501 – It would’ve been nice if, y’know, there was some warning in Daredevil #500 that I would’ve had to read Daredevil: The List before it sold out in order to read #501.

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