Amazing Spider-Man 590 + 591 Review

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So, for those you who have been keeping track, Spider-Man is going to hit issue 600 in July. And, way back when, Marvel said that that will bring a wrap-up to the “Brand New Day” world that Spidey’s currently living in. And after about 50 issues of uncertainty, it looks like they’re taking steps in the right direction.

Spidey and the Fantastic Four go on an adventure to another universe, and during the battle, Human Torch remembers that he used to know Spider-Man’s secret identity, and he’s miffed that he can’t remember.

Meanwhile, because time travels differently in this alternate world, Pete loses 2 months of time in the regular Marvel Earth-616.

I’m not going to pussyfoot around here: the story that actually takes place in the alternate world isn’t all that interesting. The reason this story exists is to get the FF to remember that Peter and Spidey are the same person, and to have Reed Richards create a macguffin device that allows the FF to remember that Petey = Spidey but not reveal that information, even if they get brainwashed or psychically attacked or whatever. So Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben all know Pete’s secret, but there’s no worries about the secret leaking past them.

Along with the reveal in New Avengers #51 (which lead to the best Jessica Jones moment in New Av., but only if you read all of Alias… which you totally should, by the way), it looks like things in Spidey’s world are beginning to go back to normal. People who should know do, and everybody else has forgotten. Which is probably closer to how it should be.

And what was up with that answering machine message that included the word “Tiger” before getting cut off? Hmmm…

I can’t wait for Amazing #600. But, this month’s Previews shows that Menace will be back in #598 and she’s… pregnant? Whaaaat?

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