Hawk & Croc Classic 241: Living in a Box

Lots of references here:

  1. “Living in a Box,” by the band Living in a Box, was the Hawk & Croc theme song. We were already working on our plans for cartoon #250 which includes that song. This comics’ title was a nod to that, two months early.
  2. Gila is sneaking around like Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid video games. All the other characters are responding with quotes from various guards and enemies from that game.
  3. McFarlane Toys produced the action figures for Metal Gear Solid. The company was created when Todd McFarlane wanted to make toys for his comic book, SPAWN, which is why the Spawn logo is on the box.
  4. I was having a lot of fun figuring out how to do shadows and light sources at the time, and while it maybe didn’t turn out the best, I was REALLY trying to show the light coming into the box from the peep holes, in that last panel.

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